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Wohooo!! Finally it’s holiday time πŸ™‚ After a year full of work, after much blood sweat it’s a real relief to now start into a short 2 days vacation πŸ˜€
Wondering why just 2 days? On monday I’m starting my summer internship – lasting 1 month, and afterwards I’m taking my drivers course to reach my goal of driving a vehicle some time soon πŸ˜€

So.. what’s going on beside this real life stuff?

Many ideas, many things flooding through my head – ranging from projects to a special person… will be an interesting time coming…

Allevo is finished – beside of bugfixes and all sorts of removed features for release 😦 … time was just too short measured …
Sabayon Control Center is virtually dead – no talking, no time, no anything πŸ˜€

Had an idea about a new approach to webbrowser/tabbed browsing – maybe I’ll further ellaborate… created a very BASIC mockup… time will tell if someone’s interested in taking a look.

Dinjam the datamodeller was cut down so we don’t make the same failures as with Allevo – it was just TOO MUCH – so it’s now just a modeller for economic processes (used quite often at my school) .. although it still has it’s plugin mechanism so it will be extend able to UML and entity relationshipo diagrams πŸ™‚

My diploma project just got running.. all contracts signed πŸ™‚ SVN repository is accessable and waiting for some concepts, code and docu πŸ™‚

Yeah.. that was pretty much it ^^ many things changed, too much for one blog entry… still have to convince myself to further explain my weird life to the public πŸ˜€

cya soon (hopefully^^)


Yeah.. the headline tells it all ^^ The helpbrowser I’m currently writing for Allevo using QtWebkit actually passes the ACID3 test πŸ™‚ (100%, a bit laggy and linktest failure… but overall: IT’S 100% πŸ˜€ )

Here’s the proove:

ok.. I have absolutely no idea how I can use this damn picture upload functionality.. just won’t work (tried it in opera 10 alpha and firefox 3.1 beta)

[Edit:] ok.. here’s at least the link [Edit 2]: browsed through earlier contents — found a solution.. at least I hope so ^^

On a sidenote: if anyone has got any idea about how to use QHelpEngine I would really appreciate it. When I’m querying for the identifier using linksForIdentifier(QString) it just won’t work (the map is empty)… once I’ve had a working solution but somehow I forgot to upload it on subversion before I accidently deleted it *WAAAAH*

Yeah.. that’s pretty much it… cya soon

[Edit3]: just got to my mind: allevo is now more browser than IE will ever be πŸ˜€


A friend of mine just remembered me that I actually have a blog.. well.. what’s a blog for if you just keep ignoring it πŸ˜€

I won’t make any promises I can’t keep telling you I’ll blog more often in the future.. well.. I actually did before πŸ˜€

So.. where’s the content of this entry.. hm.. pretty few this time actually.. nonetheless: here it comes πŸ˜€

Allevo is a vibrating little beast.. everything’s moving .. one day it nearly works, the next day it’s totally broken.. and that’s GOOD! no breakage no (r)evolution πŸ˜€

But tomorrow: LAN PARTY *MUHAHA* — get away from hacking and start playing .. well.. actually it’s today ^^

Searching for a film atm I can watch.. don’t want to go to sleep yet..

hm… so.. while writing this I actually wonder where the content has gone πŸ˜€ .. was just teasing you.. nothing interesting atm.. at least I can’t remember anything important

See you soon.. hopefully ^^

You see.. I’m still living… not that easy to get rid of me :p

Been really unproductive today.. well.. sometimes one needs to relax :p … my father has finally bought his new TV *sight* (finally .. cause he’s been searching for 3 years).. and… it’s partially broken.. the right speaker won’t work… the luck of my family.. every device we buy is broken πŸ˜€

Have also been testing out ReactOS again today with the aim to get Allevo running under it but ROS crashed after installing VMWare drivers before I could get to download Qt :p

Another time another place

Would like to see support for openSUSE build service first… didn’t get it yet how to build an appropriate spec file.. will have to look into that topic again

School also keeps me busy.. maths exam next week 😦 😦 and multiple project reviews 😦

Yeah.. that’s life πŸ˜€

Cya soon (hopefully)

PS: skiing was cool.. the weather was shit and only one ski lift was open .. but still it was fun πŸ™‚ .. after all the ski huts are pretty nice places :p


What have I realized? I’ve blogged WAY too few lately 😦 Sorry about that… didn’t have much time.. still hasn’t changed but I’ll try to blog more often from now on… maybe I can find the time to do so in some boring lessons at school :p

Any news from my front? Think so:

The accounting suite Allevo is progressing really nicely (although I’ve stalled with hacking a bit the last days.. but the others of the group are still working nicely πŸ™‚ ).

I’ve promised myself to spend some more time with Sabayon Control Center. I really hope I won’t disappoint myself πŸ˜€

Yesterday I tried to compile Systemcenter again on Windows Vista x64 and on openSUSE 11.1 x64. Was a bit interesting.. to say the least… On Windows I had to fix compile errors first (missing header files for some weird Windows API Calls… I HATE THE WINDOWS API 😦 ) .. and on Linux many things didn’t work anymore.. although I can’t remember if it’s because I’m in the middle of restructuring or because the Linux /proc tree Β changed so much in the last kernel versions… hope I’ll have some time to fix those things.

What I’d also like to try is to create a port of Systemcenter to KDE4. Maybe even rewrite it so that it fits in with Powerdevil and the Battery Plasmoid.. Would like to monitor the CPU frequency, CPU temperature and such stuff there…

But that’s all for the future… now it’s now πŸ˜€

What have I done today? I’ve recompiled KDE 4.3 trunk… Looking great, working great if it wouldn’t destroy my plasma-desktop (no error.. it has changed πŸ˜‰ ) config every now and than… could be because of the recompiles or .. don’t know.. if you know the cause please write me a comment ^^

One thing I still miss under KDE 4.3 compared to Windows is the speedy Explorer. Yeah dolphin and konqueror are pretty fast in general… but with larger folders it’s just lagging sooo much behind.. even selection of items takes a while 😦 And the even sader thing is: On windows dolphin works faster… but still not as fast as the Windows Explorer.. so something in Linux (kernel??) or the graphics drivers are to blame I think.. correct me if I’m wrong (yes I’ve disabled all file previews)…

Another thing which I’ve heard quite a bit lately is PlasMate. The IDE for plasmoid/applet/whatever_you_call_it writing. Afaics nothing works at the moment beside of the UI but that looks already pretty promising if you’ve got some imagination. Well.. nothing sounds a bit hard.. you get a start screen to choose what project type you want, creating a project works, you get a tree with possible files, you have a bar at the left side of the screen for changing between code, documentation, publishing and such stuff.. looks pretty interesting … like QtCreator πŸ˜€

QtCreator and KDevelop.. two giants battling each other.. well sort of.. they’ve got different purposes each has it’s ups and downs.. personally I like the clean design of QtCreator.. but KDevelop feels much more powerful.. if it wouldn’t crash on me every now and than… also shortcuts don’t work for me… Code Completion (Ctrl + Space) opens up a dialog that that command is ambiguous… yeah.. tells me much ^^ I’ve looked into the “Configure shortcuts” dialog.. Ctrl + Shift + Space… does nothing.. interesting… so command completion doesn’t work atm… too bad … can’t live without it anymore… also the UI file integration for Qt crashed on me and I’m missing Qt Help integration… time will tell how it evolves… but it looks promising.

So… that was enough writing for the moment.. got other things to write for school and projects… ah.. just remembered myself of my LONG todo…

Cya soon (hopefully)

Merry Christmas everyone!

Hey guys (and girls) ^^

I wish everyone peaceful Christmas holidays with their beloved ones πŸ™‚

So.. what happened since my last blog post?

Everything and nothing.. school goes on and on.. nothing interesting about that fact ^^ Qt 4.5 Beta and Qt Creator Beta have been released *yay*, openSUSE 11.1 recently hit gold, Allevo has been split in 2 applications (one for costcalculation and one for double book keeping), KDE4.2 trunk rocks and SabayonLinux will release it’s 4.0 release in just about a few hours *still waiting*

In other news: I’m searching for a storage solution for my data.. I’ve got 2 possible solutions.. one would be a NAS.. Β but they are horribly slow 😦 .. the harddrives I have choosen are capable of up to 120MB/s read performance… the best NAS for an affordable price just comes up with around 20MB/s …. wasting so much performance and still having to pay ~400€ doesn’t sound like a sane solution for me..

The Β other solution would be a (not so) small server… I thought about a Intel Atom Single/Dualcore with Β a RAID Controller… the RAID Controller is the problem.. I just don’t know what to take.. a pure software solution? hybrid? hardware? those are listed ascending according to the price… for a hardware solution (e.g. from 3ware or HighPoint) I’d have to pay ~150€ …. the hybrid solution would be an onboard Intel ICH100R .. it even sometimes outperforms the RAID controller cards… but it’s also dependent on the Operating System… don’t know if I can trust such a solution…also the Intel Atom wouldn’t be a solution anymore then.. would have to take something different.. desktop components which have a much higher power consumption….

I simply don’t know which one to take .. so please help me if you’ve got any experience with those .. maximum price for the whole server solution would be ~500€ (200€ for the two 1TB Harddrives from Seagate)

Cya … hopefully soon again.. atm I’ve got some spare time *yay*

Ugh.. school ..


Really long time since the last time I blogged.. so.. school started.. and it’s like every year.. you go to school.. sit there. wait for it to pass by.. but it’s different then in the last years: WE’VE GOT NO INTERNET!!

Due to the resettlement of our school because of reconstruction of my old school we’ve gone to a new building with virtually no infastructure.. even no water in the class 😦 .. yet. We are getting a bigger and better class room next week *hell yes*

Most of the subjects now are also more interesting simply because they are more praxis oriented and with much more projects in teamwork.

So it happened that in a subject called “Project development” we were searching for a project we could do.. after some time one of us 6 guys said: “Maybe we could extend Allevo” and with these words a new era has begun πŸ™‚

We are now 6 guys who will improve and extend Allevo on every possible side.

On another note: on saturday my dancing course starts again and I still don’t know if I’ll subscribe because my dancing partner still hasn’t agreed on going again this year 😦 *beeing sad*

As you may have seen this is more or less a braindump .. another note:my new school is now in the heart of vienna which also means that my daily lunch at restaurants like I had it with some friends during the last year is getting REALLY expensive ^^

Yeah.. so .. that was more or less what happend during the last 1 1/2 weeks ^^

Stay tuned for updates

Handy cams


Some posts ago I told ya that I’ll post pics of my new notebook… well.. today I’ve transfered them from my only cam …. a handycam (nokia 6300, 2MP) to my pc… they look AWFUL! … I won’t post them until you really ask me to… you can actually see that it’s a notebook and it’s connectors and so forth .. but the quality is beyond good and evil ^^

In other news I made some progress in Allevo’s settings dialog.. although now I have to fight with references in C++…. pretty long since I had to do that the last time… can’t remember exactly how I have to write the code that it works.. well.. I’ll see ^^

Also I’ve started work on another project… “Imagine” .. it’s based on an idea from my brother… an Photo manager with tagging (person tagging), sorting, renaming, slideshow, metainformation and much more capabilities… I’ll blog more about it later … it’s now much too late today (or tomorrow.. put it how you like it)

I’ve also discussed a bit about Sabayon Control Center with sjieke, one member of our team.. will be an interesting challenge.. and I’ve now seen for the first time that I have much to learn… today I was confronted with design patterns.. never heard of them before… but they seam to be a “cool” thing ^^

So I think I’ll go and get some sleep before my head crashes with the keyboard πŸ˜€


I had some fun hacking this evening.. well.. hacking in the Qt Designer ^^

I transformed the Settings Dialog of Allevo to designer … it now actually is filled with controls .. although none of them has any functionality yet ^^

Also I started with a rough mockup of the Sabayon Control Center in Qt.

Here are some screenshots:

And here the link to the wiki and the downloadlink of the source:



So.. I think I need some sleep now … so that’s it for today ^^


Today I spent quite some time on proposals for the Sabayon Control Center.

I created the 3rd version and posted it onto the wiki page: Proposal
It will be a really interesting experience for me to see if you can dynamicalley build UIs at runtime from an Xml file with C++. It’s going to be a big challenge (we’d like to split the gui from the logic and provide easy possibilities to create new modules (preferable without c++)…

No I can’t explain this good in english.. so try reading the wiki page (link posted some days before) or be happy with that information you got ^^

Other than working on the proposals for the sabayon control center I was shopping and watching the rain fall down πŸ™‚

So.. I’m going to hack a bit further von Allevo and Systemcenter today if I find the time .. the night is early ^^

But before I start hacking I’ll try the recently merged extenders from plasma *beeing excited*

If I can get anything to work I’ll post some screens πŸ™‚

Have a nice evening