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Dinjam Status Report 12/2010


Just a short update on the current status of Dinjam. I didn’t have much time recently but still there was some progress. First of all I want to welcome back Peter, a member of the original Dinjam team – he recently joined back by contributing 2 patches to the build system. Thanks.

Hopefully there is much more to come 🙂

On another note I invested some time into fixing the Scriptmanager interaction as well as Document interaction across library and the frontends. The functionality is still not 100% (I think) and it is pretty hackish/not yet cleaned up – but it is working initially – maybe not yet as good as master but we are getting there 🙂

And because Christmas is nearing here a little Screenshot of the latest version of Dinjam mobileui branch.

What is often forgot by opensource projects is their homepage. I try not make the typical mistakes and create a easy to keep up2date site early on. Therefore I’m in the process of setting up joomla on Sourceforge (see dinjams project page).

See ya soon hopefully with more updates 🙂



As I’m pretty busy now with work and private stuff atm but I still want to stay up2date with current ongoing topics in the free software world I was looking for the videos of the (not so) recent Meego Conference 2010. After some searching I found them on the linuxfoundation homepage.

Sadly you would have to click through all of them and there was no possibility to download all of them at once (at least I didn’t find any).

So I searched the server and found a xml file containing all filenames. I quickly downloaded that, parsed it and now we’ve got the file lists which you can feed into DownThemAll or some other download client.

See below for the download links.

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