Some posts ago I told ya that I’ll post pics of my new notebook… well.. today I’ve transfered them from my only cam …. a handycam (nokia 6300, 2MP) to my pc… they look AWFUL! … I won’t post them until you really ask me to… you can actually see that it’s a notebook and it’s connectors and so forth .. but the quality is beyond good and evil ^^

In other news I made some progress in Allevo’s settings dialog.. although now I have to fight with references in C++…. pretty long since I had to do that the last time… can’t remember exactly how I have to write the code that it works.. well.. I’ll see ^^

Also I’ve started work on another project… “Imagine” .. it’s based on an idea from my brother… an Photo manager with tagging (person tagging), sorting, renaming, slideshow, metainformation and much more capabilities… I’ll blog more about it later … it’s now much too late today (or tomorrow.. put it how you like it)

I’ve also discussed a bit about Sabayon Control Center with sjieke, one member of our team.. will be an interesting challenge.. and I’ve now seen for the first time that I have much to learn… today I was confronted with design patterns.. never heard of them before… but they seam to be a “cool” thing ^^

So I think I’ll go and get some sleep before my head crashes with the keyboard 😀