Those not wanting to read non-geeky stuff should stop reading from here on 😉

Yeah.. as the title says: Today I had my first driving lesson with my father.. man.. I never imagined it would be such a difficult thing.. difficult in the sense of: “needs-lots-of-practice-and-fine-tuning* .. well.. still I was already in the 2nd gear today 😀 .. not too bad for my first lesson… when I compare with others who seem to had their first pratice lesson I actually did pretty good 🙂

On a sidenote I finally seem to have found a project with an ISP for my degree dissertation next year *weeeh* 🙂

Really looking forward to code threads in C and going back to some more lower level stuff than Qt

Also my TODO list for school (homeworks, …) is nearly empty atm *wohoo*

wonder what I shall do with the time.. no I won’t have troubles finding something to do.. allevo (I & II), systemcenter, sabayon linux control center, a datamodeller (only conceptual atm), going through some C/C++ books, a book about electronic basics, multiple column kickoff for KDE4, KDE 4 coding itself and much other stuff that has already slipped my mind 😀

and beside of those items from my brain-todo-list there’s also school (sometimes ^^)

yeah.. that’s pretty much it for this time… hope to write again soon