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Well well… Again some time passed by since my last post.. Life has been much too busy.. Do i hear someone yell: holidays!! That would be great 😀 but they are a bit out of my timeframe atm.. Studying for my driving license, my todo lists (ranging from sorting my photos to proofread the allevo homepage and documentation)…

Yeah.. Can’t change it.. The reason for this post was another thing:

Have you ever struggeld about how to plan a party via internet? I would have never imagined it to be that easy.. First a friend of mine and i tried to plan my bday party in skype.. Chaos and anarchy 😀
The solution: http://etherpad.com

It’s never been so easy to collaborate on planning 🙂 give it a try and let me know your experiences 🙂


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Those not wanting to read non-geeky stuff should stop reading from here on 😉

Yeah.. as the title says: Today I had my first driving lesson with my father.. man.. I never imagined it would be such a difficult thing.. difficult in the sense of: “needs-lots-of-practice-and-fine-tuning* .. well.. still I was already in the 2nd gear today 😀 .. not too bad for my first lesson… when I compare with others who seem to had their first pratice lesson I actually did pretty good 🙂

On a sidenote I finally seem to have found a project with an ISP for my degree dissertation next year *weeeh* 🙂

Really looking forward to code threads in C and going back to some more lower level stuff than Qt

Also my TODO list for school (homeworks, …) is nearly empty atm *wohoo*

wonder what I shall do with the time.. no I won’t have troubles finding something to do.. allevo (I & II), systemcenter, sabayon linux control center, a datamodeller (only conceptual atm), going through some C/C++ books, a book about electronic basics, multiple column kickoff for KDE4, KDE 4 coding itself and much other stuff that has already slipped my mind 😀

and beside of those items from my brain-todo-list there’s also school (sometimes ^^)

yeah.. that’s pretty much it for this time… hope to write again soon