Yeah.. the headline tells it all ^^ The helpbrowser I’m currently writing for Allevo using QtWebkit actually passes the ACID3 test πŸ™‚ (100%, a bit laggy and linktest failure… but overall: IT’S 100% πŸ˜€ )

Here’s the proove:

ok.. I have absolutely no idea how I can use this damn picture upload functionality.. just won’t work (tried it in opera 10 alpha and firefox 3.1 beta)

[Edit:] ok.. here’s at least the link [Edit 2]: browsed through earlier contents — found a solution.. at least I hope so ^^

On a sidenote: if anyone has got any idea about how to use QHelpEngine I would really appreciate it. When I’m querying for the identifier using linksForIdentifier(QString) it just won’t work (the map is empty)… once I’ve had a working solution but somehow I forgot to upload it on subversion before I accidently deleted it *WAAAAH*

Yeah.. that’s pretty much it… cya soon

[Edit3]: just got to my mind: allevo is now more browser than IE will ever be πŸ˜€