Hey everyone!

Today seems to be my lucky day 🙂 Back in September iirc I applied for a testing account for Suse Studio.. never got an answer.. today it arrived 🙂 — I’m in *yeaha*

First I’ve got to say: THANKS

Second: it’s just awesome.. first thing I did was reproduce my currently installed system.. worked fine, branded it with different wallpapers, started it up in browser (!!!) through the Java client.. worked fine 🙂

Second: built myself an KDE trunk compile virtual machine.. currently building.. looking forward to my Gtk+ free system ready for compiling KDE on windows (at least in a VM ^^). Completely set up with my bashrc, packages I need for trunk and such stuff.. as soon as compilation progress is finished I’ll start it up in browser, download KDE trunk and than save the image again.. ready to compile houston ^^

*Happy again* 😀

*Going back to suse studio*

Cya soon 🙂