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I love Eclipes


Long time nothing from me…
I just wanted to express my anger about eclipse.. maybe I’m just too dumb for it…

On windows:
Updates won’t work as they should (update/install procedure of new features stopped many times until I gave up).. here’s a funny message I got:

ehm… yeh.. think it explains itself… I LOVE messages which tell so much 🙂

On openSUSE 11.0:

I installed eclipse from the standard repository (version 3.3) .. don’t ask me why they’ve still got 3.3 in the repo.. so I wanted to install the Qt Integration.. doesn’t show up.. I nearly tried every directory… won’t work…

So I upgraded to Eclipse 3.4 through a Buildservice Repo from a user.. started.. works.. still don’t see the Qt extensions…seems to be hopeless..  so I wanted to see if I can get the other thing to work (like subversion integration, cmake highligthing, etc.)…. failure.. update function doesn’t work (doesn’t even start.. just gives me an error message that it isn’t available)

Think I’ll stick with vim/kate/notepad++ for now.. although I have to say that eclipse is now useable from terms of speed on my new notebook.. on my old one it took 4 MINUTES to start!

Think I’ve bashed enough for today 😀 … school starts soon (5 days)… hope I’ll still have the time for my projects..

Spent some time hacking on Allevo and SabayonControlCenter today.. although I still didn’t got to working on the UIBuilder.

That’s it for now.. have a nice day ^^


Amarok 2.0 Beta 1 released

So.. the Amarok team has just released the first beta of Amarok 2.0

So far I was just able to test it on Windows.. and I must say that I’m deeply impressed. It worked out of the box (installed via kde-windows-installer). It played music from the various internet streams, the cool on screen mouse menu (don’t know how it’s called ^^) works without any problems (and is really intuitiv).

Before I keep talking I’d recommend everyone to test it out on their machines.. AND: don’t forget to file bugreports 🙂

One thing I’d like to have seen is a mac build..I want to show my brother that opensource products can rule the world 😀

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Handy cams


Some posts ago I told ya that I’ll post pics of my new notebook… well.. today I’ve transfered them from my only cam …. a handycam (nokia 6300, 2MP) to my pc… they look AWFUL! … I won’t post them until you really ask me to… you can actually see that it’s a notebook and it’s connectors and so forth .. but the quality is beyond good and evil ^^

In other news I made some progress in Allevo’s settings dialog.. although now I have to fight with references in C++…. pretty long since I had to do that the last time… can’t remember exactly how I have to write the code that it works.. well.. I’ll see ^^

Also I’ve started work on another project… “Imagine” .. it’s based on an idea from my brother… an Photo manager with tagging (person tagging), sorting, renaming, slideshow, metainformation and much more capabilities… I’ll blog more about it later … it’s now much too late today (or tomorrow.. put it how you like it)

I’ve also discussed a bit about Sabayon Control Center with sjieke, one member of our team.. will be an interesting challenge.. and I’ve now seen for the first time that I have much to learn… today I was confronted with design patterns.. never heard of them before… but they seam to be a “cool” thing ^^

So I think I’ll go and get some sleep before my head crashes with the keyboard 😀

Happy Birthday ^^


Today I’ve turned 17 🙂 I think I’ve made the biggest presents myself… the new notebook and finally:
Systemcenter and Allevo compile again :p

Nah.. to be serious.. the presents I got were great and I’m really happy that my family is celebrating with me 🙂

Now I’m waiting for the congratulations of exactly one person.. I really miss her 😦 … well.. it’s early in the morning.. so let’s see when she wakes up ^^

Bye guys *going back to my familiy*

Woho… can’t believe it!

I just made an imo unbelieveable discovery… compiling qt (with nearly all compile switches enabled):

old notebook: 2:10h (iirc)

new notebook: 18 MINUTES!!!!!!!

I still can’t believe it 🙂 will see how long compiling KDE takes 🙂

I hate filenames

I’m really frustrated atm.. I’m trying to migrate all my data from my old notebook to my new one… well.. I’m still TRYING….

I’ve got some files with some ******* long and extraordinary characters so that windows can’t copy them 😦

I’ve also tried with linux but it coun’t create the folders.. I’m a bit lost atm what to do.. I’m trying to remove all the files with these crazy filenames but it takes time to find them using the crappy windows copying tool -.-

Edit: Ah.. good old linux 🙂 Can someone tell me why I haven’t thought about this before 😉

find . -name *"\?"*

For those who don’t know: this lists all files with unknown characters (which make problems under windows) of the current directory… now you can easily deal with them (unix/linux can handle them 🙂 )

So.. long time you heard nothing from me.. so here’s a status update 🙂

I’ve got my hands on my brand new notebook 🙂 It’s absolutely cool 🙂

I’ll post pics as soon as I can. Already tested and tortured it to stresstest it ^^

Atm I’ve installed thes OS’ses:

  • Windows XP SP3 x86
  • Windows Vista SP1 x64 (well sometimes you need to game too ^^)
  • Sabayon Linux 3.5 x86
  • openSUSE 11.0 x64

They seem to work really well on this hardware.. although the only things I find really annoying on this notebook are the lack of a real scrollarea on the touchpad (you can scroll with the fingerprint reader!!!) and the really long startup of the bios (and the bios is empty..the only thing you can do with it is set the time!!!)

Well.. that was it so far.. need to get back to setting up all systems ^^

Fun, headaches and vacation


Some days you heard nothing from me.. sry about that but I had some really severe headaches and beside of them not much time to blog.. most of the time I was swimming or in the nature ^^

Although I found some time to hack further on Allevo.. it has now a new Settings Dialog and I’ve also ported some other dialogs to Designer 🙂 *me thinks I’ll have to start working on the functionality not only on the GUI ^^*

Today my new notebook should arrive… stay tuned for some tests 🙂


I had some fun hacking this evening.. well.. hacking in the Qt Designer ^^

I transformed the Settings Dialog of Allevo to designer … it now actually is filled with controls .. although none of them has any functionality yet ^^

Also I started with a rough mockup of the Sabayon Control Center in Qt.

Here are some screenshots:

And here the link to the wiki and the downloadlink of the source:



So.. I think I need some sleep now … so that’s it for today ^^

It has been a long time sincde my last blog entry..

Not much has changed.. I relaxed a bit, put some work into Allevo and Systemcenter and discussed with the other memebers of our Sabayon Control Center team the proposals.

Not much to say anymore… my notebook should be ready by today or tomorrow 🙂 then I’ll have to choose some OS I’m going to install..will be a really hard decision…

  • WinXP x86 (production system)
  • WinVista x64 (gaming system)
  • Sabayon Linux x64 (production system, especially for developing Sabayon Control Center)
  • openSUSE 11.0 (KDE development system)
  • Fedora 10 (test system, testing fedora??)
  • MacOS X 10.5??? testing Allevo and Systemcenter?? don’t know what to do about that

So.. if anyone can help me cancel some of these OS I’ll be glad.. otherwise my 320GB will be filled up easily ^^