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I’m done with C# ..hopefully

The heading says it all.. I’ve finished my summer internship with a stable working version of the program I had to work over…

and today I again got the feeling that many things in C# are looking good at first sight but when you look closer you just begin to think: “WTF”

One example: I wrote a copy constructors because a normal assignment didn’t do a call by value… fine.. it worked for primitive variables.. the byte[] and char[] were resistent.. they thought: “No I STILL want to be a reference” .. so.. Array.Copy .. you need to call a class method to copy a f**** primitive array….

Well.. that was just one of the uglier experiences of mine with C# .. maybe I did something wrong but my C++ skills tell me that everything I did was fine 😛

If someone knows better please correct me 🙂

Atm I’m just happy to turn my back to C# for another year.. at least.. hopefully.. I fear that after I’ve finished school I’ll be forced again to develop sthg. in C#… companies using Qt are rare.. and I’ve tried to convince some employees of the company I was at during the internship to use Qt … impossible.. they are just too.. used to C# .. they can’t believe there’s something simpler, they can’t believe there’s something more stable and useful out there.. it’s really really sad.. I’ve tried my best but I failed…

If anyone knows a company using Qt for their daily work who is searching for new employees .. especially after the next year (I suspect December 2010 (civillian/military service)) .. would be REALLY glad about that…

Cya soon .. *me hopes that there are some innovative, fresh and openminded companies out there*

Btw: I’m in Austria 😀 maybe I should have mentioned that earlier.. this complicates things a bit 😀



Maybe you’ve been struggling in the past to get scripting into your application? Hard task isn’t it?

NO.. you get pretty good scripting capabilities using the qtscriptgenerator

They expose nearly 100% of the Qt api.. I hear you crying: “BUT THAT’S A SECURITY THREAT!” .. and I fully agree.. so it’s still up to you, to decide what you wanna do… maybe only allowing to use part of the qt modules, maybe just exporting some classes/functions.. it’s up to you to decide, which scripting capabilities you want to offer your developers and how you want to prevent scriptkiddies from taking over your machine 😀

This whole stuff is still really new to me so forgive me if I told ya complete bull**** ^^

I’m also looking forward to the kdevelop bindingsgenerator getting ripped out and ported to be useful for normal bindings.. reason for this is that as far as I’ve heard recently the qtscriptgenerator is pretty out of date technologywise and the kdevelop bindingsgenerator is much better from the technical pov..

Hope we’ll be looking into a bright scripting future.. the possibilities are just too cute to resist 😀

*me goes back to ripping apart amaroks scripting/khotnewstuff capabilities :D*
*me likes the approach they’ve taken :-)*


Thank god Qt exists

We would all be depressed, hysteric and overworked if it didn’t exist.. at least that’s what my colleges at work are 😀 ..

C#, MFC … I believe no further words are needed 😀

Think I’ll bring in my notebook to show them how REAL development works :p *preparing Qt 4.5.2, qtcreator 1.2 unstable & tortoisegit* *evilgrin*

Yeah… just wanted to express my frustration 😀


Those not wanting to read non-geeky stuff should stop reading from here on 😉

Yeah.. as the title says: Today I had my first driving lesson with my father.. man.. I never imagined it would be such a difficult thing.. difficult in the sense of: “needs-lots-of-practice-and-fine-tuning* .. well.. still I was already in the 2nd gear today 😀 .. not too bad for my first lesson… when I compare with others who seem to had their first pratice lesson I actually did pretty good 🙂

On a sidenote I finally seem to have found a project with an ISP for my degree dissertation next year *weeeh* 🙂

Really looking forward to code threads in C and going back to some more lower level stuff than Qt

Also my TODO list for school (homeworks, …) is nearly empty atm *wohoo*

wonder what I shall do with the time.. no I won’t have troubles finding something to do.. allevo (I & II), systemcenter, sabayon linux control center, a datamodeller (only conceptual atm), going through some C/C++ books, a book about electronic basics, multiple column kickoff for KDE4, KDE 4 coding itself and much other stuff that has already slipped my mind 😀

and beside of those items from my brain-todo-list there’s also school (sometimes ^^)

yeah.. that’s pretty much it for this time… hope to write again soon