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Merry Christmas everyone!

Hey guys (and girls) ^^

I wish everyone peaceful Christmas holidays with their beloved ones 🙂

So.. what happened since my last blog post?

Everything and nothing.. school goes on and on.. nothing interesting about that fact ^^ Qt 4.5 Beta and Qt Creator Beta have been released *yay*, openSUSE 11.1 recently hit gold, Allevo has been split in 2 applications (one for costcalculation and one for double book keeping), KDE4.2 trunk rocks and SabayonLinux will release it’s 4.0 release in just about a few hours *still waiting*

In other news: I’m searching for a storage solution for my data.. I’ve got 2 possible solutions.. one would be a NAS..  but they are horribly slow 😦 .. the harddrives I have choosen are capable of up to 120MB/s read performance… the best NAS for an affordable price just comes up with around 20MB/s …. wasting so much performance and still having to pay ~400€ doesn’t sound like a sane solution for me..

The  other solution would be a (not so) small server… I thought about a Intel Atom Single/Dualcore with  a RAID Controller… the RAID Controller is the problem.. I just don’t know what to take.. a pure software solution? hybrid? hardware? those are listed ascending according to the price… for a hardware solution (e.g. from 3ware or HighPoint) I’d have to pay ~150€ …. the hybrid solution would be an onboard Intel ICH100R .. it even sometimes outperforms the RAID controller cards… but it’s also dependent on the Operating System… don’t know if I can trust such a solution…also the Intel Atom wouldn’t be a solution anymore then.. would have to take something different.. desktop components which have a much higher power consumption….

I simply don’t know which one to take .. so please help me if you’ve got any experience with those .. maximum price for the whole server solution would be ~500€ (200€ for the two 1TB Harddrives from Seagate)

Cya … hopefully soon again.. atm I’ve got some spare time *yay*


Ugh.. school ..


Really long time since the last time I blogged.. so.. school started.. and it’s like every year.. you go to school.. sit there. wait for it to pass by.. but it’s different then in the last years: WE’VE GOT NO INTERNET!!

Due to the resettlement of our school because of reconstruction of my old school we’ve gone to a new building with virtually no infastructure.. even no water in the class 😦 .. yet. We are getting a bigger and better class room next week *hell yes*

Most of the subjects now are also more interesting simply because they are more praxis oriented and with much more projects in teamwork.

So it happened that in a subject called “Project development” we were searching for a project we could do.. after some time one of us 6 guys said: “Maybe we could extend Allevo” and with these words a new era has begun 🙂

We are now 6 guys who will improve and extend Allevo on every possible side.

On another note: on saturday my dancing course starts again and I still don’t know if I’ll subscribe because my dancing partner still hasn’t agreed on going again this year 😦 *beeing sad*

As you may have seen this is more or less a braindump .. another note:my new school is now in the heart of vienna which also means that my daily lunch at restaurants like I had it with some friends during the last year is getting REALLY expensive ^^

Yeah.. so .. that was more or less what happend during the last 1 1/2 weeks ^^

Stay tuned for updates