Today I spent quite some time on proposals for the Sabayon Control Center.

I created the 3rd version and posted it onto the wiki page: Proposal
It will be a really interesting experience for me to see if you can dynamicalley build UIs at runtime from an Xml file with C++. It’s going to be a big challenge (we’d like to split the gui from the logic and provide easy possibilities to create new modules (preferable without c++)…

No I can’t explain this good in english.. so try reading the wiki page (link posted some days before) or be happy with that information you got ^^

Other than working on the proposals for the sabayon control center I was shopping and watching the rain fall down πŸ™‚

So.. I’m going to hack a bit further von Allevo and Systemcenter today if I find the time .. the night is early ^^

But before I start hacking I’ll try the recently merged extenders from plasma *beeing excited*

If I can get anything to work I’ll post some screens πŸ™‚

Have a nice evening