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I’m done with C# ..hopefully

The heading says it all.. I’ve finished my summer internship with a stable working version of the program I had to work over…

and today I again got the feeling that many things in C# are looking good at first sight but when you look closer you just begin to think: “WTF”

One example: I wrote a copy constructors because a normal assignment didn’t do a call by value… fine.. it worked for primitive variables.. the byte[] and char[] were resistent.. they thought: “No I STILL want to be a reference” .. so.. Array.Copy .. you need to call a class method to copy a f**** primitive array….

Well.. that was just one of the uglier experiences of mine with C# .. maybe I did something wrong but my C++ skills tell me that everything I did was fine 😛

If someone knows better please correct me 🙂

Atm I’m just happy to turn my back to C# for another year.. at least.. hopefully.. I fear that after I’ve finished school I’ll be forced again to develop sthg. in C#… companies using Qt are rare.. and I’ve tried to convince some employees of the company I was at during the internship to use Qt … impossible.. they are just too.. used to C# .. they can’t believe there’s something simpler, they can’t believe there’s something more stable and useful out there.. it’s really really sad.. I’ve tried my best but I failed…

If anyone knows a company using Qt for their daily work who is searching for new employees .. especially after the next year (I suspect December 2010 (civillian/military service)) .. would be REALLY glad about that…

Cya soon .. *me hopes that there are some innovative, fresh and openminded companies out there*

Btw: I’m in Austria 😀 maybe I should have mentioned that earlier.. this complicates things a bit 😀


Who needs easy tasks…


Cause I’ve finished my work in my internship shortly before the end of the first half and my mentor is at vacation I have some spare time to do all the silly stuff I would never have taken time for if I were at home 😀

One example: atm I’m trying to port khotnewstuff to Qt only (meaning that I try to rip out all not working/useless functions from khotnewstuff and fetch all dependencies from the underlying libs (kdelibs)… believe me.. that is a hell of a task..

My first approach was porting the whole thing at once, just dragging in all the dependencies it needed (which left me at about 80 classes with kio not even completely ported :D)

So my current approach is getting rid of all methods not needed, combining some classes, and trying to port each part one by one.. Currently I’m fighting with KArchive .. got rid of all compile errors.. though linker errors remain.. some of them may be related to the underlying platform (Windows – forced to use that at work 😦 ) but even if that’s the case.. I need to get it working on Windows..

You may wonder why I try to achieve this? Fun? Laziness of writing my own system? 😀 Those are all valid reasons but my biggest reason was that I want to integrate this thingy with Dinjam (the scriptable datamodeller we will be working on next year)

I think I’ll dedicate another post to Dinjam and it’s design *me wants to start hacking*

So.. think that’s it for now.. if someone can help me to achieve this port I would be more than glad 🙂


Thank god Qt exists

We would all be depressed, hysteric and overworked if it didn’t exist.. at least that’s what my colleges at work are 😀 ..

C#, MFC … I believe no further words are needed 😀

Think I’ll bring in my notebook to show them how REAL development works :p *preparing Qt 4.5.2, qtcreator 1.2 unstable & tortoisegit* *evilgrin*

Yeah… just wanted to express my frustration 😀