Yeah.. the title says it all 😀 … tomorrow will be the first time this year I get the chance to go skiing *jippey* … problem is that we have tons of snow atm because “mother Holle” was really generous lately ^^ .. 470cm on the highest point… 240cm on the lowest… have never seen so much snow… until now … tomorrow I will 😀

My class and of course myself will travel to the Hochkar “mountain” by bus and we’ll have a beautiful ski day .. in theory ^^ … weather for tomorrow is said to be.. let’s say ugly ^^ and snowslide alert is still at the highest possible level (they could slip without any external influence).. well.. we’ll see.. the only thing I know is that I want to go skiing again and that it’s my last chance this year ….

So.. wish me luck 🙂

PS: And if the weather’s bad … they still got some ski huts 😀