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Love and friendship


Today I’ve got something different for you… a short anecdote of my life 🙂

Soo… today a veeeery long lasting crush… or the love of my life… at least it felt like that… ended… well something can’t end without being started… everything started over one year ago… sadly I was too blind to see that she didn’t felt the same… or I was just too dumb not wanting to realize it, ignoring all the signs… blind of love… well… today everything ended… and I had felt that it had to end either way for a looooong time… because I knew that I couldn’t live on like that… well I didn’t get the girl… obviously 😛 but I think we are still best friends 🙂 that’s all I can ask for and I really hope that it will stay that way 🙂 as long as she’s happy I’m too.. ^^

I’d like to end this post with one picture representing a very small part of my memories about her…

Wish me luck for a looooong lasting friendship like we had it before I ruined everything… 😛


Well well… Again some time passed by since my last post.. Life has been much too busy.. Do i hear someone yell: holidays!! That would be great 😀 but they are a bit out of my timeframe atm.. Studying for my driving license, my todo lists (ranging from sorting my photos to proofread the allevo homepage and documentation)…

Yeah.. Can’t change it.. The reason for this post was another thing:

Have you ever struggeld about how to plan a party via internet? I would have never imagined it to be that easy.. First a friend of mine and i tried to plan my bday party in skype.. Chaos and anarchy 😀
The solution: http://etherpad.com

It’s never been so easy to collaborate on planning 🙂 give it a try and let me know your experiences 🙂


geschrieben mit Wordmobi

Wohooo!! Finally it’s holiday time 🙂 After a year full of work, after much blood sweat it’s a real relief to now start into a short 2 days vacation 😀
Wondering why just 2 days? On monday I’m starting my summer internship – lasting 1 month, and afterwards I’m taking my drivers course to reach my goal of driving a vehicle some time soon 😀

So.. what’s going on beside this real life stuff?

Many ideas, many things flooding through my head – ranging from projects to a special person… will be an interesting time coming…

Allevo is finished – beside of bugfixes and all sorts of removed features for release 😦 … time was just too short measured …
Sabayon Control Center is virtually dead – no talking, no time, no anything 😀

Had an idea about a new approach to webbrowser/tabbed browsing – maybe I’ll further ellaborate… created a very BASIC mockup… time will tell if someone’s interested in taking a look.

Dinjam the datamodeller was cut down so we don’t make the same failures as with Allevo – it was just TOO MUCH – so it’s now just a modeller for economic processes (used quite often at my school) .. although it still has it’s plugin mechanism so it will be extend able to UML and entity relationshipo diagrams 🙂

My diploma project just got running.. all contracts signed 🙂 SVN repository is accessable and waiting for some concepts, code and docu 🙂

Yeah.. that was pretty much it ^^ many things changed, too much for one blog entry… still have to convince myself to further explain my weird life to the public 😀

cya soon (hopefully^^)