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Wohooo!! Finally it’s holiday time πŸ™‚ After a year full of work, after much blood sweat it’s a real relief to now start into a short 2 days vacation πŸ˜€
Wondering why just 2 days? On monday I’m starting my summer internship – lasting 1 month, and afterwards I’m taking my drivers course to reach my goal of driving a vehicle some time soon πŸ˜€

So.. what’s going on beside this real life stuff?

Many ideas, many things flooding through my head – ranging from projects to a special person… will be an interesting time coming…

Allevo is finished – beside of bugfixes and all sorts of removed features for release 😦 … time was just too short measured …
Sabayon Control Center is virtually dead – no talking, no time, no anything πŸ˜€

Had an idea about a new approach to webbrowser/tabbed browsing – maybe I’ll further ellaborate… created a very BASIC mockup… time will tell if someone’s interested in taking a look.

Dinjam the datamodeller was cut down so we don’t make the same failures as with Allevo – it was just TOO MUCH – so it’s now just a modeller for economic processes (used quite often at my school) .. although it still has it’s plugin mechanism so it will be extend able to UML and entity relationshipo diagrams πŸ™‚

My diploma project just got running.. all contracts signed πŸ™‚ SVN repository is accessable and waiting for some concepts, code and docu πŸ™‚

Yeah.. that was pretty much it ^^ many things changed, too much for one blog entry… still have to convince myself to further explain my weird life to the public πŸ˜€

cya soon (hopefully^^)



What have I realized? I’ve blogged WAY too few lately 😦 Sorry about that… didn’t have much time.. still hasn’t changed but I’ll try to blog more often from now on… maybe I can find the time to do so in some boring lessons at school :p

Any news from my front? Think so:

The accounting suite Allevo is progressing really nicely (although I’ve stalled with hacking a bit the last days.. but the others of the group are still working nicely πŸ™‚ ).

I’ve promised myself to spend some more time with Sabayon Control Center. I really hope I won’t disappoint myself πŸ˜€

Yesterday I tried to compile Systemcenter again on Windows Vista x64 and on openSUSE 11.1 x64. Was a bit interesting.. to say the least… On Windows I had to fix compile errors first (missing header files for some weird Windows API Calls… I HATE THE WINDOWS API 😦 ) .. and on Linux many things didn’t work anymore.. although I can’t remember if it’s because I’m in the middle of restructuring or because the Linux /proc tree Β changed so much in the last kernel versions… hope I’ll have some time to fix those things.

What I’d also like to try is to create a port of Systemcenter to KDE4. Maybe even rewrite it so that it fits in with Powerdevil and the Battery Plasmoid.. Would like to monitor the CPU frequency, CPU temperature and such stuff there…

But that’s all for the future… now it’s now πŸ˜€

What have I done today? I’ve recompiled KDE 4.3 trunk… Looking great, working great if it wouldn’t destroy my plasma-desktop (no error.. it has changed πŸ˜‰ ) config every now and than… could be because of the recompiles or .. don’t know.. if you know the cause please write me a comment ^^

One thing I still miss under KDE 4.3 compared to Windows is the speedy Explorer. Yeah dolphin and konqueror are pretty fast in general… but with larger folders it’s just lagging sooo much behind.. even selection of items takes a while 😦 And the even sader thing is: On windows dolphin works faster… but still not as fast as the Windows Explorer.. so something in Linux (kernel??) or the graphics drivers are to blame I think.. correct me if I’m wrong (yes I’ve disabled all file previews)…

Another thing which I’ve heard quite a bit lately is PlasMate. The IDE for plasmoid/applet/whatever_you_call_it writing. Afaics nothing works at the moment beside of the UI but that looks already pretty promising if you’ve got some imagination. Well.. nothing sounds a bit hard.. you get a start screen to choose what project type you want, creating a project works, you get a tree with possible files, you have a bar at the left side of the screen for changing between code, documentation, publishing and such stuff.. looks pretty interesting … like QtCreator πŸ˜€

QtCreator and KDevelop.. two giants battling each other.. well sort of.. they’ve got different purposes each has it’s ups and downs.. personally I like the clean design of QtCreator.. but KDevelop feels much more powerful.. if it wouldn’t crash on me every now and than… also shortcuts don’t work for me… Code Completion (Ctrl + Space) opens up a dialog that that command is ambiguous… yeah.. tells me much ^^ I’ve looked into the “Configure shortcuts” dialog.. Ctrl + Shift + Space… does nothing.. interesting… so command completion doesn’t work atm… too bad … can’t live without it anymore… also the UI file integration for Qt crashed on me and I’m missing Qt Help integration… time will tell how it evolves… but it looks promising.

So… that was enough writing for the moment.. got other things to write for school and projects… ah.. just remembered myself of my LONG todo…

Cya soon (hopefully)

So.. the new year started.. and what has it got for me and my classmates? A pretty competent class teacher, a classroom which is smaller and uglier than the last room for a higher number of students! (29 😦 )

Also the school has no money anymore so they can’t afford things like paper for their teachers to make some copies.. it’s a pity…. We now also have to buy our own WLAN access point for class.. and basically do everything we want ourselves .. and the more important point: pay for everything ourselves.. we’ll see how that turns out..

Also I got some time to hack away at Sabayon Control Center.. finally I won the fight with CMake and have a working rcc, uic and moc .. so the Qt GUI works.. the next problem is now the dynamic loading of the ModuleManager library.. will look into it further tomorrow cause today I got no nerves anymore for dlopen, void pointers etc.

So. another year.. another chance for beeing a good student :p

or from ugly to uglier.. don’t know enough words to express my feelings about my new school…

The last 2 years I’ll have to complete until my graduation will be in an really old building, looking uglier than the one before.. and that’s really hard cause the old one was an abandoned police station… it has also been used by students for decades (like 250 years).. it has holes in the wall, everything is dirty and the eletrical installation looks a bit like.. well.. horror ^^

and it doesn’t get better with the new one.. looks just as ugly.. if not more.. well.. think I stop bashing… my english isn’t good enough to tell you how bad the state of those schools are

So I’ll just talk about cmake.. Today I tried to compile some piece of code which should end up as part of the Sabayon Control Center (specifially the Qt Main Window).. no success.. can’t get cmake to create the appropriate files (call moc to do this).. also I wasn’t able to find >>ANY<< documentation about Qt + Cmake integration.. the only side (qtnode) is down for mainteance .. sine at least 1 1/2 weeks.. I have absolutely no idea how I should get on with my work without knowing how to handle the Qt specific stuff in cmake…

Also the Gtk + cmake integration will be interesting..

I really hope that cmake was the right decision and that we just aren’t familiar enough with it yet.

On a sidenote: bought a new USB Stick and a DVB-T stick today.. the USB Stick is a Corsair FlashVoyager with 8GB! 25€ … not bad ^^ the DVB-T stick is a Hauppauge WinTV Nova T .. also works on linux πŸ™‚ (after compiling the v4l modules (if you need a howto .. just ask ^^))

The last two days I tried to get a mediacenter running on an old pc.. think I was successfull with MediaPortal (windows only *grr*) .. works with TV (recording, timeshift), server for image/videos/music store.. although it’s a bit slow on the UI

So.. that’s it for today (speaking of the day which ended 1:10h before already^^)

so.. good night people.. my Β eyelids are already falling down ^^