Hey everyone!

I’m going to present you my first try (and hopefully last) on an essay about Operating Systems. It’s been created under pretty much pressure but I still think it’s a pretty good overview about that big topic…

What I dislike about the fact, me creating the presentation, is that I’ll have to give a speech about it tomorrow… one hour standing in front of a (half)asleep class talking about an interesting topic nobody else of the class is interested in 😀

… and it’s sooo early in the morning …. still… can’t change it.. or can I? 😀

So that you know… the presentation and the essay are in german (my mother tongue).. have fun if you’ve got the language skills to read it 😀 .. and no … I don’t think I’ll translate it to english 😀

Update: Hm.. so wordpress won’t show the gallery *thinking*

Update 2: As long as wordpress refuses to show a gallery of the pdfs I’ll just paste the links here: