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Who needs easy tasks…


Cause I’ve finished my work in my internship shortly before the end of the first half and my mentor is at vacation I have some spare time to do all the silly stuff I would never have taken time for if I were at home πŸ˜€

One example: atm I’m trying to port khotnewstuff to Qt only (meaning that I try to rip out all not working/useless functions from khotnewstuff and fetch all dependencies from the underlying libs (kdelibs)… believe me.. that is a hell of a task..

My first approach was porting the whole thing at once, just dragging in all the dependencies it needed (which left me at about 80 classes with kio not even completely ported :D)

So my current approach is getting rid of all methods not needed, combining some classes, and trying to port each part one by one.. Currently I’m fighting with KArchive .. got rid of all compile errors.. though linker errors remain.. some of them may be related to the underlying platform (Windows – forced to use that at work 😦 ) but even if that’s the case.. I need to get it working on Windows..

You may wonder why I try to achieve this? Fun? Laziness of writing my own system? πŸ˜€ Those are all valid reasons but my biggest reason was that I want to integrate this thingy with Dinjam (the scriptable datamodeller we will be working on next year)

I think I’ll dedicate another post to Dinjam and it’s design *me wants to start hacking*

So.. think that’s it for now.. if someone can help me to achieve this port I would be more than glad πŸ™‚



Wohooo!! Finally it’s holiday time πŸ™‚ After a year full of work, after much blood sweat it’s a real relief to now start into a short 2 days vacation πŸ˜€
Wondering why just 2 days? On monday I’m starting my summer internship – lasting 1 month, and afterwards I’m taking my drivers course to reach my goal of driving a vehicle some time soon πŸ˜€

So.. what’s going on beside this real life stuff?

Many ideas, many things flooding through my head – ranging from projects to a special person… will be an interesting time coming…

Allevo is finished – beside of bugfixes and all sorts of removed features for release 😦 … time was just too short measured …
Sabayon Control Center is virtually dead – no talking, no time, no anything πŸ˜€

Had an idea about a new approach to webbrowser/tabbed browsing – maybe I’ll further ellaborate… created a very BASIC mockup… time will tell if someone’s interested in taking a look.

Dinjam the datamodeller was cut down so we don’t make the same failures as with Allevo – it was just TOO MUCH – so it’s now just a modeller for economic processes (used quite often at my school) .. although it still has it’s plugin mechanism so it will be extend able to UML and entity relationshipo diagrams πŸ™‚

My diploma project just got running.. all contracts signed πŸ™‚ SVN repository is accessable and waiting for some concepts, code and docu πŸ™‚

Yeah.. that was pretty much it ^^ many things changed, too much for one blog entry… still have to convince myself to further explain my weird life to the public πŸ˜€

cya soon (hopefully^^)

Those not wanting to read non-geeky stuff should stop reading from here on πŸ˜‰

Yeah.. as the title says: Today I had my first driving lesson with my father.. man.. I never imagined it would be such a difficult thing.. difficult in the sense of: “needs-lots-of-practice-and-fine-tuning* .. well.. still I was already in the 2nd gear today πŸ˜€ .. not too bad for my first lesson… when I compare with others who seem to had their first pratice lesson I actually did pretty good πŸ™‚

On a sidenote I finally seem to have found a project with an ISP for my degree dissertation next year *weeeh* πŸ™‚

Really looking forward to code threads in C and going back to some more lower level stuff than Qt

Also my TODO list for school (homeworks, …) is nearly empty atm *wohoo*

wonder what I shall do with the time.. no I won’t have troubles finding something to do.. allevo (I & II), systemcenter, sabayon linux control center, a datamodeller (only conceptual atm), going through some C/C++ books, a book about electronic basics, multiple column kickoff for KDE4, KDE 4 coding itself and much other stuff that has already slipped my mind πŸ˜€

and beside of those items from my brain-todo-list there’s also school (sometimes ^^)

yeah.. that’s pretty much it for this time… hope to write again soon

You see.. I’m still living… not that easy to get rid of me :p

Been really unproductive today.. well.. sometimes one needs to relax :p … my father has finally bought his new TV *sight* (finally .. cause he’s been searching for 3 years).. and… it’s partially broken.. the right speaker won’t work… the luck of my family.. every device we buy is broken πŸ˜€

Have also been testing out ReactOS again today with the aim to get Allevo running under it but ROS crashed after installing VMWare drivers before I could get to download Qt :p

Another time another place

Would like to see support for openSUSE build service first… didn’t get it yet how to build an appropriate spec file.. will have to look into that topic again

School also keeps me busy.. maths exam next week 😦 😦 and multiple project reviews 😦

Yeah.. that’s life πŸ˜€

Cya soon (hopefully)

PS: skiing was cool.. the weather was shit and only one ski lift was open .. but still it was fun πŸ™‚ .. after all the ski huts are pretty nice places :p

Yeah.. the title says it all πŸ˜€ … tomorrow will be the first time this year I get the chance to go skiing *jippey* … problem is that we have tons of snow atm because “mother Holle” was really generous lately ^^ .. 470cm on the highest point… 240cm on the lowest… have never seen so much snow… until now … tomorrow I will πŸ˜€

My class and of course myself will travel to the Hochkar “mountain” by bus and we’ll have a beautiful ski day .. in theory ^^ … weather for tomorrow is said to be.. let’s say ugly ^^ and snowslide alert is still at the highest possible level (they could slip without any external influence).. well.. we’ll see.. the only thing I know is that I want to go skiing again and that it’s my last chance this year ….

So.. wish me luck πŸ™‚

PS: And if the weather’s bad … they still got some ski huts πŸ˜€

Hey everyone!

I’m going to present you my first try (and hopefully last) on an essay about Operating Systems. It’s been created under pretty much pressure but I still think it’s a pretty good overview about that big topic…

What I dislike about the fact, me creating the presentation, is that I’ll have to give a speech about it tomorrow… one hour standing in front of a (half)asleep class talking about an interesting topic nobody else of the class is interested in πŸ˜€

… and it’s sooo early in the morning …. still… can’t change it.. or can I? πŸ˜€

So that you know… the presentation and the essay are in german (my mother tongue).. have fun if you’ve got the language skills to read it πŸ˜€ .. and no … I don’t think I’ll translate it to english πŸ˜€

Update: Hm.. so wordpress won’t show the gallery *thinking*

Update 2: As long as wordpress refuses to show a gallery of the pdfs I’ll just paste the links here:



Merry Christmas everyone!

Hey guys (and girls) ^^

I wish everyone peaceful Christmas holidays with their beloved ones πŸ™‚

So.. what happened since my last blog post?

Everything and nothing.. school goes on and on.. nothing interesting about that fact ^^ Qt 4.5 Beta and Qt Creator Beta have been released *yay*, openSUSE 11.1 recently hit gold, Allevo has been split in 2 applications (one for costcalculation and one for double book keeping), KDE4.2 trunk rocks and SabayonLinux will release it’s 4.0 release in just about a few hours *still waiting*

In other news: I’m searching for a storage solution for my data.. I’ve got 2 possible solutions.. one would be a NAS.. Β but they are horribly slow 😦 .. the harddrives I have choosen are capable of up to 120MB/s read performance… the best NAS for an affordable price just comes up with around 20MB/s …. wasting so much performance and still having to pay ~400€ doesn’t sound like a sane solution for me..

The Β other solution would be a (not so) small server… I thought about a Intel Atom Single/Dualcore with Β a RAID Controller… the RAID Controller is the problem.. I just don’t know what to take.. a pure software solution? hybrid? hardware? those are listed ascending according to the price… for a hardware solution (e.g. from 3ware or HighPoint) I’d have to pay ~150€ …. the hybrid solution would be an onboard Intel ICH100R .. it even sometimes outperforms the RAID controller cards… but it’s also dependent on the Operating System… don’t know if I can trust such a solution…also the Intel Atom wouldn’t be a solution anymore then.. would have to take something different.. desktop components which have a much higher power consumption….

I simply don’t know which one to take .. so please help me if you’ve got any experience with those .. maximum price for the whole server solution would be ~500€ (200€ for the two 1TB Harddrives from Seagate)

Cya … hopefully soon again.. atm I’ve got some spare time *yay*

Ugh.. school ..


Really long time since the last time I blogged.. so.. school started.. and it’s like every year.. you go to school.. sit there. wait for it to pass by.. but it’s different then in the last years: WE’VE GOT NO INTERNET!!

Due to the resettlement of our school because of reconstruction of my old school we’ve gone to a new building with virtually no infastructure.. even no water in the class 😦 .. yet. We are getting a bigger and better class room next week *hell yes*

Most of the subjects now are also more interesting simply because they are more praxis oriented and with much more projects in teamwork.

So it happened that in a subject called “Project development” we were searching for a project we could do.. after some time one of us 6 guys said: “Maybe we could extend Allevo” and with these words a new era has begun πŸ™‚

We are now 6 guys who will improve and extend Allevo on every possible side.

On another note: on saturday my dancing course starts again and I still don’t know if I’ll subscribe because my dancing partner still hasn’t agreed on going again this year 😦 *beeing sad*

As you may have seen this is more or less a braindump .. another note:my new school is now in the heart of vienna which also means that my daily lunch at restaurants like I had it with some friends during the last year is getting REALLY expensive ^^

Yeah.. so .. that was more or less what happend during the last 1 1/2 weeks ^^

Stay tuned for updates

So.. the new year started.. and what has it got for me and my classmates? A pretty competent class teacher, a classroom which is smaller and uglier than the last room for a higher number of students! (29 😦 )

Also the school has no money anymore so they can’t afford things like paper for their teachers to make some copies.. it’s a pity…. We now also have to buy our own WLAN access point for class.. and basically do everything we want ourselves .. and the more important point: pay for everything ourselves.. we’ll see how that turns out..

Also I got some time to hack away at Sabayon Control Center.. finally I won the fight with CMake and have a working rcc, uic and moc .. so the Qt GUI works.. the next problem is now the dynamic loading of the ModuleManager library.. will look into it further tomorrow cause today I got no nerves anymore for dlopen, void pointers etc.

So. another year.. another chance for beeing a good student :p

or from ugly to uglier.. don’t know enough words to express my feelings about my new school…

The last 2 years I’ll have to complete until my graduation will be in an really old building, looking uglier than the one before.. and that’s really hard cause the old one was an abandoned police station… it has also been used by students for decades (like 250 years).. it has holes in the wall, everything is dirty and the eletrical installation looks a bit like.. well.. horror ^^

and it doesn’t get better with the new one.. looks just as ugly.. if not more.. well.. think I stop bashing… my english isn’t good enough to tell you how bad the state of those schools are

So I’ll just talk about cmake.. Today I tried to compile some piece of code which should end up as part of the Sabayon Control Center (specifially the Qt Main Window).. no success.. can’t get cmake to create the appropriate files (call moc to do this).. also I wasn’t able to find >>ANY<< documentation about Qt + Cmake integration.. the only side (qtnode) is down for mainteance .. sine at least 1 1/2 weeks.. I have absolutely no idea how I should get on with my work without knowing how to handle the Qt specific stuff in cmake…

Also the Gtk + cmake integration will be interesting..

I really hope that cmake was the right decision and that we just aren’t familiar enough with it yet.

On a sidenote: bought a new USB Stick and a DVB-T stick today.. the USB Stick is a Corsair FlashVoyager with 8GB! 25€ … not bad ^^ the DVB-T stick is a Hauppauge WinTV Nova T .. also works on linux πŸ™‚ (after compiling the v4l modules (if you need a howto .. just ask ^^))

The last two days I tried to get a mediacenter running on an old pc.. think I was successfull with MediaPortal (windows only *grr*) .. works with TV (recording, timeshift), server for image/videos/music store.. although it’s a bit slow on the UI

So.. that’s it for today (speaking of the day which ended 1:10h before already^^)

so.. good night people.. my Β eyelids are already falling down ^^