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You see.. I’m still living… not that easy to get rid of me :p

Been really unproductive today.. well.. sometimes one needs to relax :p … my father has finally bought his new TV *sight* (finally .. cause he’s been searching for 3 years).. and… it’s partially broken.. the right speaker won’t work… the luck of my family.. every device we buy is broken 😀

Have also been testing out ReactOS again today with the aim to get Allevo running under it but ROS crashed after installing VMWare drivers before I could get to download Qt :p

Another time another place

Would like to see support for openSUSE build service first… didn’t get it yet how to build an appropriate spec file.. will have to look into that topic again

School also keeps me busy.. maths exam next week 😦 😦 and multiple project reviews 😦

Yeah.. that’s life 😀

Cya soon (hopefully)

PS: skiing was cool.. the weather was shit and only one ski lift was open .. but still it was fun 🙂 .. after all the ski huts are pretty nice places :p


Yeah.. the title says it all 😀 … tomorrow will be the first time this year I get the chance to go skiing *jippey* … problem is that we have tons of snow atm because “mother Holle” was really generous lately ^^ .. 470cm on the highest point… 240cm on the lowest… have never seen so much snow… until now … tomorrow I will 😀

My class and of course myself will travel to the Hochkar “mountain” by bus and we’ll have a beautiful ski day .. in theory ^^ … weather for tomorrow is said to be.. let’s say ugly ^^ and snowslide alert is still at the highest possible level (they could slip without any external influence).. well.. we’ll see.. the only thing I know is that I want to go skiing again and that it’s my last chance this year ….

So.. wish me luck 🙂

PS: And if the weather’s bad … they still got some ski huts 😀