A friend of mine just remembered me that I actually have a blog.. well.. what’s a blog for if you just keep ignoring it 😀

I won’t make any promises I can’t keep telling you I’ll blog more often in the future.. well.. I actually did before 😀

So.. where’s the content of this entry.. hm.. pretty few this time actually.. nonetheless: here it comes 😀

Allevo is a vibrating little beast.. everything’s moving .. one day it nearly works, the next day it’s totally broken.. and that’s GOOD! no breakage no (r)evolution 😀

But tomorrow: LAN PARTY *MUHAHA* — get away from hacking and start playing .. well.. actually it’s today ^^

Searching for a film atm I can watch.. don’t want to go to sleep yet..

hm… so.. while writing this I actually wonder where the content has gone 😀 .. was just teasing you.. nothing interesting atm.. at least I can’t remember anything important

See you soon.. hopefully ^^