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Firefox-Qt updated!

Looks like I found a purpose for this blog πŸ˜› another update on the firefox-qt effort…

I just updated the ArchLinux pkbuild to 3.6.3 – and guess what… the situation has improved! menus AND dialogs are working πŸ™‚ … well sort of…

but see for yourself:

keyboard would be a cool thing to have next πŸ˜€ stay tuned for further updates – looks like this is a cool balancer for the work I GOTTA do ^^




Maybe you’ve been struggling in the past to get scripting into your application? Hard task isn’t it?

NO.. you get pretty good scripting capabilities using the qtscriptgenerator

They expose nearly 100% of the Qt api.. I hear you crying: “BUT THAT’S A SECURITY THREAT!” .. and I fully agree.. so it’s still up to you, to decide what you wanna do… maybe only allowing to use part of the qt modules, maybe just exporting some classes/functions.. it’s up to you to decide, which scripting capabilities you want to offer your developers and how you want to prevent scriptkiddies from taking over your machine πŸ˜€

This whole stuff is still really new to me so forgive me if I told ya complete bull**** ^^

I’m also looking forward to the kdevelop bindingsgenerator getting ripped out and ported to be useful for normal bindings.. reason for this is that as far as I’ve heard recently the qtscriptgenerator is pretty out of date technologywise and the kdevelop bindingsgenerator is much better from the technical pov..

Hope we’ll be looking into a bright scripting future.. the possibilities are just too cute to resist πŸ˜€

*me goes back to ripping apart amaroks scripting/khotnewstuff capabilities :D*
*me likes the approach they’ve taken :-)*



Cause I’ve finished my work in my internship shortly before the end of the first half and my mentor is at vacation I have some spare time to do all the silly stuff I would never have taken time for if I were at home πŸ˜€

One example: atm I’m trying to port khotnewstuff to Qt only (meaning that I try to rip out all not working/useless functions from khotnewstuff and fetch all dependencies from the underlying libs (kdelibs)… believe me.. that is a hell of a task..

My first approach was porting the whole thing at once, just dragging in all the dependencies it needed (which left me at about 80 classes with kio not even completely ported :D)

So my current approach is getting rid of all methods not needed, combining some classes, and trying to port each part one by one.. Currently I’m fighting with KArchive .. got rid of all compile errors.. though linker errors remain.. some of them may be related to the underlying platform (Windows – forced to use that at work 😦 ) but even if that’s the case.. I need to get it working on Windows..

You may wonder why I try to achieve this? Fun? Laziness of writing my own system? πŸ˜€ Those are all valid reasons but my biggest reason was that I want to integrate this thingy with Dinjam (the scriptable datamodeller we will be working on next year)

I think I’ll dedicate another post to Dinjam and it’s design *me wants to start hacking*

So.. think that’s it for now.. if someone can help me to achieve this port I would be more than glad πŸ™‚




Just a short article — very good reading with really sad but true facts.. at least there is hope – if we work together!

Please digg && help out as best as you can πŸ™‚

Cya @saving the world.. ehm… πŸ˜€

Invitation to Suse Studio

Hey everyone!

Today seems to be my lucky day πŸ™‚ Back in September iirc I applied for a testing account for Suse Studio.. never got an answer.. today it arrived πŸ™‚ — I’m in *yeaha*

First I’ve got to say: THANKS

Second: it’s just awesome.. first thing I did was reproduce my currently installed system.. worked fine, branded it with different wallpapers, started it up in browser (!!!) through the Java client.. worked fine πŸ™‚

Second: built myself an KDE trunk compile virtual machine.. currently building.. looking forward to my Gtk+ free system ready for compiling KDE on windows (at least in a VM ^^). Completely set up with my bashrc, packages I need for trunk and such stuff.. as soon as compilation progress is finished I’ll start it up in browser, download KDE trunk and than save the image again.. ready to compile houston ^^

*Happy again* πŸ˜€

*Going back to suse studio*

Cya soon πŸ™‚

Hey everyone!

I’m going to present you my first try (and hopefully last) on an essay about Operating Systems. It’s been created under pretty much pressure but I still think it’s a pretty good overview about that big topic…

What I dislike about the fact, me creating the presentation, is that I’ll have to give a speech about it tomorrow… one hour standing in front of a (half)asleep class talking about an interesting topic nobody else of the class is interested in πŸ˜€

… and it’s sooo early in the morning …. still… can’t change it.. or can I? πŸ˜€

So that you know… the presentation and the essay are in german (my mother tongue).. have fun if you’ve got the language skills to read it πŸ˜€ .. and no … I don’t think I’ll translate it to english πŸ˜€

Update: Hm.. so wordpress won’t show the gallery *thinking*

Update 2: As long as wordpress refuses to show a gallery of the pdfs I’ll just paste the links here:




What have I realized? I’ve blogged WAY too few lately 😦 Sorry about that… didn’t have much time.. still hasn’t changed but I’ll try to blog more often from now on… maybe I can find the time to do so in some boring lessons at school :p

Any news from my front? Think so:

The accounting suite Allevo is progressing really nicely (although I’ve stalled with hacking a bit the last days.. but the others of the group are still working nicely πŸ™‚ ).

I’ve promised myself to spend some more time with Sabayon Control Center. I really hope I won’t disappoint myself πŸ˜€

Yesterday I tried to compile Systemcenter again on Windows Vista x64 and on openSUSE 11.1 x64. Was a bit interesting.. to say the least… On Windows I had to fix compile errors first (missing header files for some weird Windows API Calls… I HATE THE WINDOWS API 😦 ) .. and on Linux many things didn’t work anymore.. although I can’t remember if it’s because I’m in the middle of restructuring or because the Linux /proc tree Β changed so much in the last kernel versions… hope I’ll have some time to fix those things.

What I’d also like to try is to create a port of Systemcenter to KDE4. Maybe even rewrite it so that it fits in with Powerdevil and the Battery Plasmoid.. Would like to monitor the CPU frequency, CPU temperature and such stuff there…

But that’s all for the future… now it’s now πŸ˜€

What have I done today? I’ve recompiled KDE 4.3 trunk… Looking great, working great if it wouldn’t destroy my plasma-desktop (no error.. it has changed πŸ˜‰ ) config every now and than… could be because of the recompiles or .. don’t know.. if you know the cause please write me a comment ^^

One thing I still miss under KDE 4.3 compared to Windows is the speedy Explorer. Yeah dolphin and konqueror are pretty fast in general… but with larger folders it’s just lagging sooo much behind.. even selection of items takes a while 😦 And the even sader thing is: On windows dolphin works faster… but still not as fast as the Windows Explorer.. so something in Linux (kernel??) or the graphics drivers are to blame I think.. correct me if I’m wrong (yes I’ve disabled all file previews)…

Another thing which I’ve heard quite a bit lately is PlasMate. The IDE for plasmoid/applet/whatever_you_call_it writing. Afaics nothing works at the moment beside of the UI but that looks already pretty promising if you’ve got some imagination. Well.. nothing sounds a bit hard.. you get a start screen to choose what project type you want, creating a project works, you get a tree with possible files, you have a bar at the left side of the screen for changing between code, documentation, publishing and such stuff.. looks pretty interesting … like QtCreator πŸ˜€

QtCreator and KDevelop.. two giants battling each other.. well sort of.. they’ve got different purposes each has it’s ups and downs.. personally I like the clean design of QtCreator.. but KDevelop feels much more powerful.. if it wouldn’t crash on me every now and than… also shortcuts don’t work for me… Code Completion (Ctrl + Space) opens up a dialog that that command is ambiguous… yeah.. tells me much ^^ I’ve looked into the “Configure shortcuts” dialog.. Ctrl + Shift + Space… does nothing.. interesting… so command completion doesn’t work atm… too bad … can’t live without it anymore… also the UI file integration for Qt crashed on me and I’m missing Qt Help integration… time will tell how it evolves… but it looks promising.

So… that was enough writing for the moment.. got other things to write for school and projects… ah.. just remembered myself of my LONG todo…

Cya soon (hopefully)

Oh my god… soooo long! No time, much stress.. but finally there’s a good thing happening.. today Qt Creator (formerly named Greenhouse) was released.. I’m currently downloading.. my connection seems to get slower and slower……….

7 minutes remaining ….. please.. faster!!!!

So.. while it’s loading.. what is that Qt Creator thingy? It’s a lightweight texteditor which integrates qmake, gdb, make, assistant, designer and everything else for the best usability..

here’s the link:

TRY IT! I promise you it is worth the time πŸ™‚

I’ll go back watching the progress bar ^^

Cya, when I’ve got more time ^^

Some distro hopping


Again you’ve heard nothing from me for a long time.. sry about that.. but: I’ve got some “news” for you ^^

Lately I’ve been doing a bit of distro hopping (still doing) cause there’s a new round of releases coming ^^

I started with Fedora 10 Beta Gnome Live CD. Started, looked fine at first glance, installed.. hm.. k.. what can I actually do with it? PackageKit integration looks good although it still has some rough edges (don’t remember what exactly but well.. it’s still beta) .. But still.. it’s a good idea.. gnome looks pretty good although I feel like I can’t do anything with it.. well.. I’m a KDE guy and I think that won’t change. What really bugged me was that I couldn’t install the NVIDIA driver… I tried searching the settings menu of gnome (where also installing software, … is located) .. nothing there.. so I searched in the packagekit frontend.. nothing.. manual install.. can’t start up X anymore.. something with libGl.. I found a faq stating how to install the NVDIAI drivers on fedora 9.. but well.. I thought: that can’t be sooo complex.. much easier on other distributions.. so I kicked fedora with the conclusion that I dislike the policy of only free components and making the life of those having proprietary components harder.
Note about the technique: kernel based mode settings!! nice one.. but not available on nvidia 😦 … so I just had three progressbars (overlapping) in a text mode fashion running from the left to the right of the screen…

Next one was Ubuntu 8.10 Beta.. not much has changed since the last release (minor improvements all over.. but nice).. the installer offered me to import settings from all of my operating systems (xp, vista, sabayon linux) — REALLY NICE! Boot up is lighting fast, the default wallpaper was a ugly brown one (who would have thought that ^^) with wrong color depth (at least looked like that), after installation I tried to get my NVIDIA drivers.. worked without a flaw through the hardware drivers menu… perfect.. it even offered me two options (stable (173. 14 iirc) and one of the latest beta drivers.. I think 177.78) ..
What was also nice is the gnome networkmanager applet.. seemed to work without any flaws for me (beeing connected to lan and wlan at the same time.. don’t know which 0.7 version they are using). What drove me away from Ubuntu was that it has by far less packages than openSUSE’s buildservice and that I don’t like sudo in general (I know I could create a real root account, but gksudo still asks me for my user password), as well as other minor things which annoy me in the long run. And of course: there were still some new distros out there I haven’t tried ^^

Next on my plan was openSUSE 11.1 Beta 2. Well.. what shall I say? It has still the old artwork (that will change), the KDE integration isn’t really good yet (the first thing which annoyed me when I started the KDE4 livecd was that the “show dashboard” icon was corrupted).. Another big annoyancde was that the resolution I chose in grub (1280×1024) wasn’t stretching the whole screen but staying in the middle of the screen and leaving black bars and all sides 😦 nothing seems to have visible changed since 11.0.. I know of the new partitioner module in yast and some other little improvements but compared to other distributions the progress looks pretty slow.. but here is also valid: it’s still beta.. and of course: I’ve filed bug reports (screen resolution and graphical glitches)

The last one (from which I’m actually writing atm) is Mandriva One 2009 KDE4. I have one thing to say: WOW! It has the wow effect microsoft promised for vista if you ask me ^^ The KDE 4.1.2 integration is near perfect. I have a little battery icon in the taskbar which is actually a standalone app (when you open it (right click — configure powersave)).. never saw that in other distros, mandriva control center looks pretty good again (redesigned), Mandriva has created their own startmenu (they’ve ported the look and feel of their menu from KDE3).. What I think is really nice is: I totally forgot that I’m running KDE4.. I thought it’s KDE3.. which actually means: WE ARE THERE! You can make KDE4 look and feel like KDE3.. What’s missing a bit is panel (auto) hiding and some other backports from KDE 4.2 (panel) but well.. the default configuration is just great and doesn’t eat too much space (as big as the gnome task bar). And the best thing is: it feels blazing fast!!! I have only tried KDE4 compiled in debug mode until know .. but compiled in release and with (possible) optimisations from the mandriva team it kicks ass πŸ™‚
What is a bit annoying is the systray which has sometimes a wrong background (know KDE upstream issue — will be adressed in 4.2 afaik), a few (5 until know (~6 hrs runtime)) lags (pc stops responding for 2 or 3 seconds).

The point which may drive me away from Mandriva 2009 is their package management. It’s just awful if you ask me… I tried installing lamp through package management (plus point: it’s the first distribution I know which has a meta package for lamp).. conflict, chose the wrong solution — had to restart the package management otherwise I wasn’t able to change my selection.. it installed fine.. phpmyadmin asks for a password.. will have to investigate on where to find it ^^
Another thing which bugs me is that I can’t find opera in the repos (I have enabled all non-oss, backports, testing, ..) .. maybe there where more repos for mandriva.. but I can’t remember them.. I can just remember the depenency hell from the last time I tried mandriva (2007) ..
On a sidenote: the nvidia drivers were automatically installed because I used the one live cd .. nice!
Edit: btw: I’ve NEVER seen firefox 3.02 start up soooo fast!! it’s absolutely amazing (the whole speed of the system.. boot is just a bit slower than ubuntu (subjectiv))

So.. that was it for now.. my hands are already hurting.. was programming half day long and know writing such a big entry ^^

Just a braindump for my next entry (so that I don’t forget about it):
Touchpad: mandriva ok (no scrolling after install), opensuse 11.0/ubuntu: a mess, fedora: works as it should

School, Elections and Progress


Sorry for the VEEERY long time since my last entry… I was soo busy with school 😦 For example yesterday I had a presentation about a tv duell between two of our politicans… it’s election campaign time atm in austria … I HATE IT! All of the politicans are making promises they won’t keep.. Me and 2 of my friends had to do the presentation in about a day… was a pretty hard time for us.. now we can’t see anything about politics anymore or we’ll explode ^^ .. well.. tomorrow is election day .. so I hope it has an end then for some years again..

On other news: SabayonControlCenter is (slowly) progressing .. the QtMainApp now shows the modules and can actually launch something (StandAloneModules) .. Allevo had nearly no progress.. a crash fix.. but I currently have no time for nothing…

Hope I’ll get some work (and blogging) done next week.. but it doesn’t look promising… another 2 presentations and 3 projects ..