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I love Arch Linux!


Again some time has gone by since my last blog =( sadly I didn’t have much time lately to blog so I’ll just give you an update on what I was doing today.

I updated my 6 month old Arch Linux installation on my old notebook to the current testing (running testing before). I started yaourt -Syu and it ran through without any hickups, rebootet and I had a fully working system on bleeding edge technology again… now THAT is what I call seamless rolling release distro πŸ™‚

I’m also using Arch Linux on my current notebook which I regulary keep up2date which works also great =) and my buildserver is also running Arch Linux but not testing and it is also working really reliabe =)

I just love Arch Linux!

Although I’m really curious about other current distros like Fedora 15 or openSUSE 11.4 or even Ubuntu… each has their own great strenghts but I still think I’ll always come back to Arch πŸ™‚

Cya soon hopefully


Invitation to Suse Studio

Hey everyone!

Today seems to be my lucky day πŸ™‚ Back in September iirc I applied for a testing account for Suse Studio.. never got an answer.. today it arrived πŸ™‚ — I’m in *yeaha*

First I’ve got to say: THANKS

Second: it’s just awesome.. first thing I did was reproduce my currently installed system.. worked fine, branded it with different wallpapers, started it up in browser (!!!) through the Java client.. worked fine πŸ™‚

Second: built myself an KDE trunk compile virtual machine.. currently building.. looking forward to my Gtk+ free system ready for compiling KDE on windows (at least in a VM ^^). Completely set up with my bashrc, packages I need for trunk and such stuff.. as soon as compilation progress is finished I’ll start it up in browser, download KDE trunk and than save the image again.. ready to compile houston ^^

*Happy again* πŸ˜€

*Going back to suse studio*

Cya soon πŸ™‚

So.. I’m back πŸ™‚

On my recently upgraded openSUSE 11.1 Factory (Alpha 0) I’ve just retried to get my KDE trunk checkout back to work again (after I unbroke my system after one canceled system upgrade). The first step was replacing kdm3 with kdm4 … after a lot of fiddling with config files (/etc/sysconfigs/displaymanager), xessions, recompiling the kdm module, setting the right path variables, etc. I finally got it to work *sight*

But it has payed off.. it looks REALLY cool in the default theme πŸ™‚

Well… problem 1 — Solved

Let’s attack problem 2: KDE startup… I’ve removed my config files to get a clean setup.. well.. seems it was the wrong decision.. the current trunk (24.7.2008) has a bug which prevents the recreation of the configs (if I’ve understood the problem correctly) .. it’s described here:

Mailing list entry: http://lists.kde.org/?l=kde-core-devel&m=121615750824656&w=2

I’ve tried the patch.. doesn’t work.. I’ve tried the script.. doesn’t work.. plasma just won’t start.. krunner works, and all programs I start from it .. as far as I’ve seen plasma starts and disappears emmediately 😦

well… I’ll try copying my config Β files from my notebook to that pc.. hope that will work out.. stay tuned for some more news tomorrow ^^

btw: take a look at phoronix (http://www.phoronix.com) … very interesting articles to read.. my favourite articles atm are about the upcoming improvements in the X-Server (GEM, DRI2, Kernel based mode settings) .. can’t get enough of news about them ^^