The heading says it all.. I’ve finished my summer internship with a stable working version of the program I had to work over…

and today I again got the feeling that many things in C# are looking good at first sight but when you look closer you just begin to think: “WTF”

One example: I wrote a copy constructors because a normal assignment didn’t do a call by value… fine.. it worked for primitive variables.. the byte[] and char[] were resistent.. they thought: “No I STILL want to be a reference” .. so.. Array.Copy .. you need to call a class method to copy a f**** primitive array….

Well.. that was just one of the uglier experiences of mine with C# .. maybe I did something wrong but my C++ skills tell me that everything I did was fine πŸ˜›

If someone knows better please correct me πŸ™‚

Atm I’m just happy to turn my back to C# for another year.. at least.. hopefully.. I fear that after I’ve finished school I’ll be forced again to develop sthg. in C#… companies using Qt are rare.. and I’ve tried to convince some employees of the company I was at during the internship to use Qt … impossible.. they are just too.. used to C# .. they can’t believe there’s something simpler, they can’t believe there’s something more stable and useful out there.. it’s really really sad.. I’ve tried my best but I failed…

If anyone knows a company using Qt for their daily work who is searching for new employees .. especially after the next year (I suspect December 2010 (civillian/military service)) .. would be REALLY glad about that…

Cya soon .. *me hopes that there are some innovative, fresh and openminded companies out there*

Btw: I’m in Austria πŸ˜€ maybe I should have mentioned that earlier.. this complicates things a bit πŸ˜€