Today I’ve got something different for you… a short anecdote of my life 🙂

Soo… today a veeeery long lasting crush… or the love of my life… at least it felt like that… ended… well something can’t end without being started… everything started over one year ago… sadly I was too blind to see that she didn’t felt the same… or I was just too dumb not wanting to realize it, ignoring all the signs… blind of love… well… today everything ended… and I had felt that it had to end either way for a looooong time… because I knew that I couldn’t live on like that… well I didn’t get the girl… obviously 😛 but I think we are still best friends 🙂 that’s all I can ask for and I really hope that it will stay that way 🙂 as long as she’s happy I’m too.. ^^

I’d like to end this post with one picture representing a very small part of my memories about her…

Wish me luck for a looooong lasting friendship like we had it before I ruined everything… 😛