Again long time no see… ^^ since the last time I’ve finished my military service (yeaaah), been to hospital quite a while (boooh) and am now trying to figure out how my life should look like… and where I want to begin…

My current plan is to take it slow and first get my technical stuff in order ^^ my brand new Nokia N900, meego, ArchLinux, Maemo, buildserver, mediacenter pc, flashing all kinds of devices ranging from my router to my WDTV Live and my phone (yes I had meego running on my N900 ^^).

Job search has already begun and all other life related things are creeping along slowly… as always ^^

but I think I’ll post about those in detail later… just wanted to tell ya: I’m still alive (and kicking).. well no… alive.. that’s it.. nothing more nothing less ^^

Cya next time 🙂