Sorry for the VEEERY long time since my last entry… I was soo busy with school 😦 For example yesterday I had a presentation about a tv duell between two of our politicans… it’s election campaign time atm in austria … I HATE IT! All of the politicans are making promises they won’t keep.. Me and 2 of my friends had to do the presentation in about a day… was a pretty hard time for us.. now we can’t see anything about politics anymore or we’ll explode ^^ .. well.. tomorrow is election day .. so I hope it has an end then for some years again..

On other news: SabayonControlCenter is (slowly) progressing .. the QtMainApp now shows the modules and can actually launch something (StandAloneModules) .. Allevo had nearly no progress.. a crash fix.. but I currently have no time for nothing…

Hope I’ll get some work (and blogging) done next week.. but it doesn’t look promising… another 2 presentations and 3 projects ..