So.. the new year started.. and what has it got for me and my classmates? A pretty competent class teacher, a classroom which is smaller and uglier than the last room for a higher number of students! (29 😦 )

Also the school has no money anymore so they can’t afford things like paper for their teachers to make some copies.. it’s a pity…. We now also have to buy our own WLAN access point for class.. and basically do everything we want ourselves .. and the more important point: pay for everything ourselves.. we’ll see how that turns out..

Also I got some time to hack away at Sabayon Control Center.. finally I won the fight with CMake and have a working rcc, uic and moc .. so the Qt GUI works.. the next problem is now the dynamic loading of the ModuleManager library.. will look into it further tomorrow cause today I got no nerves anymore for dlopen, void pointers etc.

So. another year.. another chance for beeing a good student :p