Long time nothing from me…
I just wanted to express my anger about eclipse.. maybe I’m just too dumb for it…

On windows:
Updates won’t work as they should (update/install procedure of new features stopped many times until I gave up).. here’s a funny message I got:

ehm… yeh.. think it explains itself… I LOVE messages which tell so much 🙂

On openSUSE 11.0:

I installed eclipse from the standard repository (version 3.3) .. don’t ask me why they’ve still got 3.3 in the repo.. so I wanted to install the Qt Integration.. doesn’t show up.. I nearly tried every directory… won’t work…

So I upgraded to Eclipse 3.4 through a Buildservice Repo from a user.. started.. works.. still don’t see the Qt extensions…seems to be hopeless..  so I wanted to see if I can get the other thing to work (like subversion integration, cmake highligthing, etc.)…. failure.. update function doesn’t work (doesn’t even start.. just gives me an error message that it isn’t available)

Think I’ll stick with vim/kate/notepad++ for now.. although I have to say that eclipse is now useable from terms of speed on my new notebook.. on my old one it took 4 MINUTES to start!

Think I’ve bashed enough for today 😀 … school starts soon (5 days)… hope I’ll still have the time for my projects..

Spent some time hacking on Allevo and SabayonControlCenter today.. although I still didn’t got to working on the UIBuilder.

That’s it for now.. have a nice day ^^