It has been a long time sincde my last blog entry..

Not much has changed.. I relaxed a bit, put some work into Allevo and Systemcenter and discussed with the other memebers of our Sabayon Control Center team the proposals.

Not much to say anymore… my notebook should be ready by today or tomorrow šŸ™‚ then I’ll have to choose some OS I’m going to install..will be a really hard decision…

  • WinXP x86 (production system)
  • WinVista x64 (gaming system)
  • Sabayon Linux x64 (production system, especially for developing Sabayon Control Center)
  • openSUSE 11.0 (KDE development system)
  • Fedora 10 (test system, testing fedora??)
  • MacOS X 10.5??? testing Allevo and Systemcenter?? don’t know what to do about that

So.. if anyone can help me cancel some of these OS I’ll be glad.. otherwise my 320GB will be filled up easily ^^