Today I spent my time doing 2 things. 2 Hours at work I ported the Sidebar of Allevo to Ui files and the rest (6 hours) I was searching for a notebook.. I came across many many companies I’ve never heard before (e.g. Sager, Zepto, Powerbook, …) with all matching the spec of my dream notebook.. but.. they either don’t ship to austria or it costs 380$ or there’s no support for our local power connectors 😦

When I went home I had pretty much given up the idea about getting a new notebook soon…

After dinner I actually looked at derstandard.at (a local newspaper) in the web section.. bam.. there it was… dimotion notebook based on centrino 2 o.O … I could’nt believe my eyes.. it has everything I want.. some € more expensive others I ran across.. but that doesn’t matter.. I’ve found it 🙂

On friday I’ll go and try it in reality and if the quality seems good I’ll buy it as soon as possible (and as soon as my money from my internship has arrived 😉 )

Here’s the spec:

Intel Core2Duo P9500 2,5Ghz
4GB DDR2 800Mhz
320GB HD 5400rpm

and the best thing: if I don’t like a component I can configure it 🙂 e.g. I don’t want to buy vista 🙂

So.. my advice to you: don’t give up and keep searching.. you’ll find the right one 🙂