Today I realized that I was wrong with my opinion about Qt Designer. It is pretty good in the last version (4.4)… until today I didn’t know how to make widget’s fill the complete widget and how to actually build mainwindows which are resizeable (widget’s resize too) … it’s soo easy now that I’ve found out how it works.. you need layouts too ^^ (don’t know why I haven’t thought about using layouts in designer too… it’s soo obvious) … well.. now that I know I’ll try to port the kilometres of code regarding the MainWindow of Allevo to Designer… I’m already come pretty far 🙂

Also I tried to build the nouveau driver for my 8800gts 640mb today on my openSUSE 11.1 alpha 1 box.. wanted to know if it’s better for my card than nv and if there’s any 3D accelaration yet.
didn’t work out… it crashed at startup 😦 young project.. no specs… still good progress they are making 🙂 maybe it was just my fault.

So.. tomorrow I’ll get back to work in my summer internship… well.. work.. I’m already done .. the last weeks (3 out of 5) I had pretty much nothing to do because I was so fast at the beginning ^^ .. yeah.. I have other things to do if they can’t find any work for me… Qt documentation is pretty big 😀