Last quick note for today: NVIDIAs drivers for linux suck! Some months ago their drivers where the best you could get.. but the 2D performance of the current ones is really (read: unbelievable) slow …

even my years old ATI Mobility Radeon X700 outperforms my highend NVIDIA 8800gts 640mb 😦

It’s really bad in KDE4 sessions too (see

Well.. can’t change it.. will just need to buy my next notebook with a model from another graphics card vendor .. or a combined thingy (intel + nvidia + intel switching graphics … well.. needs to come out really soon if I should buy it .. I desperately need a new notebook.. my old one’s dieing (Asus Z9252Va) … hope I can get a Dell XPS 1530 with the new montevina plattform, intel core2duo P9500 and an 9600m gt with switching graphics