So… now I’ve got some time 🙂 Well.. let me introduce you to my projects. All of the important/bigger ones are written in C++ with the help of the Qt framework *yay*

1.) Allevo (Qt 4.4)
That’s my newest pet project 🙂 It’s a cost calculation program developed for school in the beginning.. it has grown to a testbed for new technologies I’ve found and it is under heavy development atm to reach 2.0 soon.

2.) Systemcenter (Qt4.3/4.4)
Systemcenter is a tool for monitoring and controlling the state of your hardware (cpu frequency, temperature, graphics card clock, time controlled shutdown/…) . It will be crossplattform but not anytime soon because of the lack of time 😦 If I remember correctly I’ve uploaded the last stable and usable version for linux (the windows version was never stable 😀 and the macos version virtually doesn’t exists)

3.) CollectYourIPs (C#)
Well.. this was a short hack… We have tons of ip addresses in our school so I had something to do against this chaos… maybe I’ll have the time to finish it this summer.. xml support is definately on the road map

4.) Many many ideas which just haven’t reached the keyboard yet 😀

Hm…. yeah… because of talking so much about my projects I’ve totally forgotten to introduce myself 😀
My name’s Bernhard Friedreich, I’m a 16yo student from vienna going to a school for EDP* (at least they tell us it’s for EDP :D)… just finished 3rd year … two years remaining *sight*
Edit: now that I’ve reread this section about me it seems pretty short ^^ so.. well… my hobbies are programming, beeing a part of the opensource community (especially kde) ^^, swimming, skiing, dancing

So.. atm nothing else comes to my mind which seems important enough to tell you … cause of that I’ll leave you alone so that you can recover from my awful english 😀

*EDP: For those who don’t know (like I did some years ago before I’ve heard it the first time): EDP = electronic data processing which means in other words: computer stuff 😛